THE FRIEND FROM MEXICO: A True Story of Surviving an Intensive Care Unit

[Greek Edition]


Hello, my name is Apostolos and I was born again on the sixth of February 2009 in a hospital in Mexico. These are the somewhat intense memories from the first one and a half months of my new life.

The author had a mid-air collision with a fellow competitor at 10,000 feet while participating in the 2009 World Paragliding Championships in Mexico, as a member of the Greek National Team. Two thirds of The Friend From Mexico describes the author's near-death experience while in induced coma, and the rest of the book describes the important events while in an intensive care unit and his repatriation to Greece.

224 pages


Apostolos Mavrothalassitis

Paragliding was Apostolos' love and passion for over 20 years. He is a four time champion of Greece, and has participated in various international competitions as a member of the Greek National Team.

His final competition and final paragliding flight was in 2009 at the World Paragliding Championship in Mexico. On the final day of the competition he suffered a mid-air collision with another pilot and as a result was comatose for 12 days. In total, he spent a month and a half in intensive care where he survived against all odds. Following the best part of a year in various hospitals, he was again released to the world as a wheelchair user.

Three years since his accident he obtained the first license in Greece for a pilot with disabilities. On 2013 he won the Greek championships of ultralight aircrafts, not in any special category, but with the same rules as the other competitors.

David J. Horn

David J. Horn (born 2 June 1970) is an American novelist living in Greece working as a software engineer.

In August 2007 he published his first novel, The Unsolvable Circus. Since August 2007 he has been writing short stories and working on his second novel, Hard Labor which will be published in January 2013. David also translated Apostolos Mavrothalassitis’ novel, The Friend from Mexico into English, which was published in November 2012.

He is the father of three sons: Andreas, Pavlos and Dimitris. He has been in love with his wife Patricia ever since he first saw her.


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